Dwarf-road of Beleriand

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This article is about the Dwarf-road through Beleriand. For the the Dwarf-road through Mirkwood, see Old Forest Road.

The Dwarf-road was the road built by the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains as a trade route to the Elves of Beleriand and Doriath.[1] From the cities of Nogrod and Belegost[2] it passed under the shoulders of Mount Dolmed[3] and then ran westward along the north bank of the River Ascar for many miles, and entered East Beleriand where it crossed the River Gelion at the Ford of Sarn Athrad.[4]


Finrod Felagund used the Dwarf-road to cross the Gelion at Sarn Athrad before crossing the upper part of the River Ascar just before he discovered the first Men (the people of Bëor) to come west beyond the Ered Lindon. Soon other Men were using the Dwarf-road to enter the western lands: First came the Haladin, who turned northward into Thargelion. Next, Marach brought his people down the Dwarf-road to settle south and east of the dwellings of Baran son of Bëor.

In time Morgoth, deciding to assail these Men, sent an Orc-raid to the east that then used the passes of the Dwarf-road to fall upon the Haladin.[5]

After the sack of Menegroth the Dwarves were marching east upon the Dwarf-road when they were attacked in the Battle of Sarn Athrad.[1]