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General Information
Other namesRathlóriel
LocationBetween Thargelion and Ossiriand
EventsBattle of Sarn Athrad

Ascar was the northernmost of the rivers that flowed through Ossiriand. It emerged near Dolmed, and the Dwarf-road from the Blue Mountains lay along its northern bank, until it met Gelion at Sarn Athrad.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

After the murder of King Thingol of Doriath the Dwarves of Nogrod easily entered Menegroth where they ransacked and plundered the halls, retaking the Nauglamír. The victorious Dwarves marched along the banks of the Ascar with their spoils. Suddenly, Beren, Dior his son, and a host of Laiquendi attacked the Dwarves. After the Battle of Sarn Athrad Beren reclaimed the Nauglamír, but had the rest of the treasure of Doriath cast into the Ascar. From that time forth the river was renamed Rathlóriel ("Goldenbed").[2]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Asgar in Noldorin means "rushing" or "impetuous",[3] derived from root A-SKAR.[4]

In Eriol's Old English translations, Ascar is referred to as Baening. Christopher Tolkien tentatively interpreted the O.E. name as "river filled with bones (of the Dwarves)", but doubted that it was his father's intended meaning.[5]

The name Rathlóriel means "Golden-bed".[6] In the Etymologies, the name Rath Loriel is said to contain the Noldorin word rath ("coarse, river-bed") and lor- ("gold").[7][8]


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