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Dwimorberg or Haunted Mountain was one of the White Mountains. To the west, there was the ancient hold of Dunharrow overlooking Harrowdale from the east.[1]

The mountain was brooding and black. On its lower slopes was the wood of Dimholt. Beyond its glen and behind a single standing stone, was the Dark Door, which led inside the Dwimorberg and the haunted Paths of the Dead.[1]

The wraiths of the Oathbreakers haunted the mountain, giving it its name. After Aragorn redeemed them, the Dwimorberg was haunted no longer.[2]


The name means "Phantom Mountain" or "Haunted Mountain"[3] in Old English, representing the Rohan language,[4] from dwimor ("phantom", "ghost") and beorg ("mountain").

The first element, from which the English word dwimmer derives, is also seen in names Dwimordene (Lothlórien) and Dwimmerlaik (Witch-king) in the language of Rohan.