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Enquië is the Quenya word for week. The word derives from the Quenya word for "six", enquë, because in the Reckoning of Rivendell the week had six days.

An Elvish yén (144 solar years) contains 8,766 enquier. The observation of the week was more for ritual than for practical purposes; the chief day was Valanya, the last day ordinally.[1]

Quenya Sindarin Dedication
Elenya Orgilion Stars
Anarya Oranor Sun
Isilya Orithil Moon
Aldúya Orgaladhad Two Trees
Menelya Ormenel Heavens
Valanya or Tárion Orbelain or Rodyn Valar or Powers

The Númenóreans had renamed Aldúya to Aldea/Orgaladh, and inserted the day Earenya/Oraearon dedicated to the Sea, resulting to a seven-day week in their reckoning.[note 1]

Other versions of the legendarium[edit | edit source]

In the early legendarium, Tolkien used the Qenya word otsola (otso "seven") for a seven-day week.

Later, in The Etymologies, Tolkien mentioned a five-day week, lemnar (lempe "five") that was probably used by the Calaquendi in Valinor.

The Days of the Week in Arda
 Elvish week (Quenya):  1. Elenya 2. Anarya 3. Isilya 4. Aldúya 5. Menelya 6. Valanya (Tárion)
Elvish week (Sindarin):  1. Orgilion 2. Oranor 3. Orithil 4. Orgaladhad 5. Ormenel 6. Orbelain (Rodyn)
Númenórean week (Quenya):  1. Elenya 2. Anarya 3. Isilya 4. Aldëa 5. Menelya 6. Eärenya 7. Valanya
Númenórean week (Sindarin):  1. Orgilion 2. Oranor 3. Orithil 4. Orgaladh 5. Ormenel 6. Oraearon 7. Orbelain
Hobbit week (archaic):  1. Sterrendei 2. Sunnendei 3. Monendei 4. Trewesdei 5. Hevenesdei 6. Meresdei 7. Hihdei
Hobbit week (late T.A.):  1. Sterday 2. Sunday 3. Monday 4. Trewsday 5. Hevensday (Hensday) 6. Mersday 7. Highday


  1. Considering that enquie contains the word for "six", it is not known if the Númenóreans still used the word enquie for their seven-day week; if they introduced a new word, it is not recorded in Appendix D. See however #Other versions of the legendarium