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Fankil, also known as Fangli and Fúkil in the earlier stages of the writing, was a servant of Melko, and only appeared in the early outlines of the Gilfanon's tale. He acted as the lieutenant of the Dark Lord,[1] a role that would be taken by Sauron in the final version of The Silmarillion.

Fankil is first mentioned in a note regarding the Awakening of the Elves as having escaped into the world with the other dark shapes when the Valar broke Utumna.[2] He then came in order to live among the First Men, presumably in Palisor. He, along with his Dwarves[note 1] and goblins mingled among Men in order to estrange them from the Elves and some joined the evil Dwarves. This resulted to the Battle of Palisor, the first war between Elves and goblins. In some earlier sketch, Fangli and his evil Dwarves, conquered Palisor. The Men corrupted by him became wild and savage peoples, worshiping Melko.


  1. Dwarves were originally among the evil creatures in the Book of Lost Tales