Fatty Lumpkin

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Fatty Lumpkin
Anke Eißmann - Leaving the Barrow-downs.jpeg
"Leaving the Barrow-downs" by Anke Eißmann
LocationOld Forest
AffiliationTom Bombadil
Physical Description
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Fatty Lumpkin was a pony kept by Tom Bombadil.

History[edit | edit source]

Fatty Lumpkin was rarely ridden by Tom, and spent much of his time roaming free on the Barrow-downs. While Frodo and his friends stayed at Tom's, Fatty became friends with their ponies, Sharp-ears, Bumpkin, Wise-nose, Swish-tail, and White-socks.

After their encounter with a Barrow-wight, the hobbits's ponies became so frightened that they ran off to find Fatty. Tom called them all back with the names he had given them and he rode along with the hobbits for a while on Fatty Lumpkin.[1]

After the hobbits's ponies escaped from Bree they ran out again in the Downs to find Fatty. They stayed with Tom for a while, until he had heard news of the events at Bree.[2]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Tolkien notes that -kin is in this name used as a diminutive suffix.[3]

Pop Culture[edit | edit source]

In Pinky and the Brain episode Brainania, Pinky and the Brain travel on a ship named "SS Fatty Lumpkin."