Fourth Age 171

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Fourth Age 171 (abbreviated to Fo.A. 171 or F.O.) is the 171st year of the Sun of the Fourth Age of Middle-earth. Unless otherwise stated, Tolkien Gateway follows Shire usage in Appendix B for reckoning Fourth Age years: Fourth Age 171 was also known as S.R. 1592 in Shire-reckoning.

Notable events in this year include:


The Note on the Shire Records gives this date as "F.A. 172" and "IV 172," but also states its Shire Reckoning equivalent to be S.R. 1592. Since S.R. 1592 is equivalent to Fo.A. 171 under the Shire Reckoning, the year number 172 must refer to the New Reckoning of Gondor. The New Reckoning count of years in the Fourth Age is ahead of the Shire count by one for all days of the year between 25 March and 1 Yule (these days are named Yestarë and 6 Narvinyë respectively in the New Reckoning).