Great Chamber of Thrór

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Great Chamber of Thrór
General Information
LocationNear the Front Gate of Erebor
DescriptionThe hall of feasting and council
People and History
InhabitantsDwarves, Smaug
EventsSack of Erebor

The Great Chamber of Thrór was the hall of feasting and council in the mountain-realm of Erebor.[1] When Thorin and Company (including Bilbo Baggins) came upon the chamber in T.A. 2941[2] its great doors were half burnt and hanging twisted upon their hinges. The floor of the room was filled with rotting tables, overturned chairs and benches, flagons, bowls, broken drinking horns, skulls, and bones, all covered with dust. Far above came a glimmer of light from unseen openings. The light grew brighter at the further end where the company found the birth-place of the River Running, which was but a short distance from the entrance to the Mountain.[1]

The Great Chamber was probably named after Thrór after he became king in T.A. 2589.[2] Its ruined state testifies that it was one of the scenes of destruction during the Sack of Erebor in T.A. 2770.[2]