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"Grimbeorn" from The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game
Biographical Information
Other namesThe Old
TitlesChieftain of the Beornings
LocationVales of Anduin
Physical Description
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Grimbeorn the Old was the son of Beorn.

History[edit | edit source]

Grimbeorn became a great lord in his own right. Like his father, he was the chieftain of the Beornings and he dwelt in the same regions of the Vales of Anduin. During his time, the High Pass and the Ford of Carrock were kept open and no Orc or Wolf dared to enter his land.[1]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

While Beorn is a word related to "bear", Grim (like in modern English) means "fierce", therefore his name can be translated as "Fierce bear".

Genealogy[edit | edit source]

fl. T.A. 2941
fl. T.A. 3019

Portrayal in adaptations[edit | edit source]

2001-2007: The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game:

Despite not featuring in The Lord of the Rings film series, Decipher produced a card depicting the character. He was portrayed by sword smith Peter Lyon.

2014: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Grimbeorn is the lord of all Beornings and lives at his home, the Beorninghús, with his wife Gírta and three children: the eldest daughter Langhár, the middle son Sterkist and the youngest, who becomes the Beorning player's character after Grimbeorn sends them to find the Ranger Aragorn at the urging of Radagast. During the War of the Ring Grimbeorn visits the camp of Vindurhal in the High Pass of the Misty Mountains, but returns home soon after. After the destruction of The One Ring, Grimbeorn is visited by Gandalf, Legolas and the player on their journey back to Gondor after a brief visit to the northern lands. Already annoyed by a number of visitors, Grimbeorn is then forced to host a much larger procession when Elrond and much of his house stay at his lodge on their way to Minas Tirith for Arwen's wedding.