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General Information
LocationSouthern half of Lindon below Gulf of Lune, west of Blue Mountains
DescriptionFair, green coastal land
Major townsHarlond
InhabitantsElves of Lindon (mostly Sindar)[1]

Harlindon was a green and fair elvish land on the north-western shores of Middle-earth. It was located west of the Blue Mountains and south of the Gulf of Lune, which divided Lindon into the northern Forlindon and the southern Harlindon. At the head of the Gulf lay the seaport Grey Havens.

There were woods at the foot of the Blue Mountains and a haven in a small inlet on the southern shores of the Gulf called Harlond.[2]

At the beginning of the Second Age, refugees of the War of Wrath came to Lindon, with Sindar being the most of those concentrating to Harlindon, along with Celeborn and Galadriel. Celeborn ruled the Elves of Harlindon, until the couple moved to Eregion in S.A. 750.[3][1]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Harlindon is Sindarin from har ("south") and Lindon.[source?]