Gulf of Lune

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Gulf of Lune
General Information
Other namesGulf of Lhûn
LocationBetween Harlindon and Forlindon

The Gulf of Lune was a sea-arm in the rough shape of an arrowhead[source?] that broke through the range of the Ered Luin into Eriador.

The Gulf of Lune, named after the river Lhûn or "Lune", was created during the War of Wrath when Beleriand was broken. Belegaer broke through the mountains of the Ered Luin, creating a gulf. The course of the river Lhûn was altered so that it flowed into the gulf, giving it its name.[1]

The remnant of Beleriand north of the gulf became known as Forlindon, and the part south of it as Harlindon. At the eastern end of the Gulf the Grey Havens were established, but smaller havens were established in Forlindon and Harlindon as well: Forlond and Harlond.

During the Second Age the ships of the Númenóreans first came to the Gulf of Lune to visit the Noldor and Sindar under Gil-galad who remained behind, and during the Third Age from it the ships of the Eldar passed away into the West.