Helm's Gate

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J.R.R. Tolkien's aerial view of Helm's Deep

Helm's Gate was the entrance to the deep gorge of Helm's Deep[1] on the northern side of the White Mountains[2].

It was fortified by the Deeping Wall,[3] which ran from the southern side of the cliff wall of the gorge to the Hornburg, a fortress on an heel of rock that was thrust outward from the northern side of the cliff wall, to block the entrance to Helm's Deep.[4]

The Deeping-stream flowed out of Helm's Deep through a wide culvert at the bottom of the Deeping Wall into the Westfold Vale.[4]

On the 3-4 March T.A. 3019 the forces of Theoden, the King of Rohan, defended the Deeping Wall and the Hornburg against the army of Saruman in the Battle of the Hornburg[5], during this battle the wall guarding the gate was partially destroyed.[6]


The element Helm in the name Helm's Gate refers to the name of a man called Helm.[7] The gorge behind the Hornburg was called Helm's Deep after King Helm of Rohan sought refuge in the Hornburg when his realm was invaded by the ursurper Wulf and the Dunlendings.[8] As a consequence, it is probable that the element Helm in Helm's Gate also refers to King Helm of Rohan.