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"Wulf" by Turner Mohan
Biographical Information
Titlesself-proclaimed "King of Rohan"
DeathT.A. 2759
Edoras; killed by Fréaláf
HouseDescended from the House of Eorl
Physical Description
Hair colorDark
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Wulf (fl. T.A. 2754T.A. 2759) was a young nobleman who dwelt in the West-march. He was the son of Freca and it was said that their family had a measure of dunlendish blood.


Freca attempted to force a marriage between Wulf and the daughter of King Helm Hammerhand. When Freca's plan failed, he was slain, and Wulf found himself declared the King's enemy. He fled across the borders into Dunland, where he seems to have been warmly received. For four years, Wulf built up his power in Dunland, and allied himself with Rohan's and Gondor's enemies.

In the year T.A. 2758, with Rohan's armies drawn into the east to repel an attack there, Wulf and his allies invaded from the west. They devastated Helm's forces at the Fords of Isen and overran the country and took Edoras, where Wulf killed Prince Haleth; he sat in the Golden Hall and claimed the Kingship of Rohan.

The exiled King, Helm, was driven into hiding in the mountains. During the Long Winter Wulf's armies besieged him at Hornburg, and Helm's nephew, Fréaláf at Dunharrow. Helm and his second son died of the cold. In the spring, Helm was avenged by Fréaláf, who led a small party into Edoras and killed 'King' Wulf in T.A. 2759. With help from Gondor, Fréaláf cleared Wulf's followers from Rohan, and succeeded his uncle Helm to become its tenth rightful King.[1]


d. T.A. 2754
d. T.A. 2759

Portrayal in adaptations

The Lord of the Rings Online tapestry: Frealaf defeats Wulf Frecason in Meduseld

2012: The Lord of the Rings Online:

A tapestry depicting Fréaláf killing Wulf is found in Meduseld and can be acquired for use in player's houses.
Wulf as seen in The War of the Rohirrim

2024: The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim:

Luke Pasqualino is the voice for Wulf in the anime film.[2]


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