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General Information
LocationWestern Rohan, between the Isen and the Adorn
InhabitantsRohirrim, Dunlendings

The West-march or the West Marches was a part of the realm of Rohan. It was a triangular peninsula laying between the rivers Isen and Adorn, and represented the furthest western boundary of Rohan. It was declared to be part of Rohan at the Oath of Eorl, but by the time of the War of the Ring its people's loyalty to Edoras was dubious, given their mixed Dunlending and Rohirric heritage.[1]

In T.A. 2754 the region was ruled by Freca. He had constructed a stronghold near the source of the Adorn and paid little heed to the king of Rohan at the time, Helm Hammerhand. After a disagreement over the proposal that Freca's son Wulf should marry Helm's daughter, Helm killed Freca with a single blow. This precipitated a war between the West-march (supported by the Dunlendings) and the rest of Rohan. Though Wulf was able to take Edoras for a time, he was eventually slain by Helm's nephew, Fréaláf.[2]

The region was only fully reconquered for Rohan by King Folcwine nearly a hundred years later.[2] However, the people of the region had not forgotten the slaying of their lord by the time of the War of the Ring, and many sided with Saruman in T.A. 3019.[1]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

March here is used in the sense of "borderland, especially one serving as a defence of the inner lands of a realm", similar to the Riddermark.[3]