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Biographical Information
LocationAndustar, Númenor
BirthEarly Second Age
Physical Description

Henderch was a Man from Andustar, the western portion of Númenor, and one of Aldarion's mariners on the Hirilondë when it sailed to Middle-earth in S.A. 877. He was also one of two companions (along with Ulbar) who rode with the prince after the voyage in S.A. 882 as they journeyed to the White House of Aldarion's wife Erendis. While Ulbar rode on to his home in Hyarastorni, Henderch stayed the night, but was awakened early by Aldarion. Due to Erendis' cold reception Aldarion angrily decided to ride on to the home of his kinsman.

After witnessing Aldarion's leave-taking from his wife and daughter Ancalimë, Henderch rode with him to Hallatan's. As they drew near, he and Aldarion beheld the happy homecoming that Ulbar's wife had prepared for her husband. As the prince's mood grew bitter he changed his mind and did not ride on to the house of Hallatan. Instead he determined to return to Armenelos. He bade Henderch farewell so that he might ride on alone. Henderch said that it was not fitting; Aldarion agreed but did so anyway. Thus it was Henderch who witnessed the final meeting between Aldarion and Erendis.[1]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Henderch's name is Sindarin but difficult to translate. It appears to incorporate the root hend, meaning "eye".[source?]