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"Hirilonde (from 'Aldarion and Erendis')" by David Greset
PronunciationQ, [ˌhiriˈlonde]
Other namesTuruphanto (Q)
LocationRómenna (Númenor)
CreatorAldarion and the Guild of Venturers
Rómenna, completed by S.A. 877[1]
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Hirilondë, the "Haven-finder", was a ship built by Aldarion and the Guild of Venturers in the shipyards of Rómenna, a seaport in Númenor. People wondered at its great size and called it Turuphanto, the 'Wooden Whale'.[2]

Aldarion sailed with it to Middle-earth for the first time in S.A. 877 and returned after five years, S.A. 882.[1]

There was a custom among the Númenóreans: when one of their ships set sail over the sea, a woman, usually a relative to the captain, placed a branch of oiolairë as the Green Bough of Return at the prow, but Erendis, Aldarion's wife, refused to either set the bough or send one for Hirilondë. Instead, the wife of his captain at that time placed one on the ship.[2]

After Aldarion became King of Númenor and left towards Middle-earth once again, in S.A. 883, there was no Green Bough of Return on Hirilondë's prow. There stood the image of an eagle with golden beak and jewelled eyes, given to him by Círdan during his previous journeys to the Grey Havens.[3]