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"Queen Ancalime the Princess Shepherdess" by Sara M. Morello
Biographical Information
Other namesEmerwen Aranel (Q, "Princess Shepherdess")[1]
TitlesRuling Queen of Númenor
LanguageAdûnaic, Sindarin and Quenya
BirthS.A. 873
RuleS.A. 1075 - 1280 (205 years)[2]
DeathS.A. 1285[2] (aged 412)
HouseHouse of Elros
ParentageAldarion and Erendis[3]
Physical Description
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Tar-Ancalimë was the seventh ruler and first Ruling Queen of Númenor. Her reign lasted for 205 years, longest after that of Elros Tar-Minyatur.[2]


Tar-Ancalimë was born in S.A. 873[2] as the first and only child of the King's Heir, Aldarion and his wife Erendis.[4]

When Ancalimë was four years old, her father Aldarion left his family to return to the sea, promising to return in two years. When he left, Erendis took Ancalimë from Armenelos to the White House of Erendis to be raised in the pastures of Emerië. Erendis, who already felt that her husband loved the sea more than her, grew bitter during the years he was gone. Ancalimë was educated by her mother. She learned the Elven-tongue and that became her primary language, as Erendis disliked Adûnaic, the language used by Aldarion. In reading scrolls and books, Ancalimë learned much of Númenor and its ancient history. Her only childhood companion was Zamîn, a servant of her mother. Erendis had become bitter towards men and sought to feed her daughter with her own bitterness. Ancalimë encountered few men during her childhood; she saw no one save her mother and few servants, most of whom were female, and the few servants who were not lived at a homestead a distance away.[4]

Her first encounter with a boy was in the summer of her seventh year, when a boy older than her came to the house on an errand from a distant farm. Noticing her staring at him, he offered her a loaf of bread. Zamîn saw him and told him to be off. After he left, Ancalimë asked Zamîn "What noisy thing was that?" Zamîn told her it was a boy. When Ancalimë asked if the boy had a father, Zamîn told her that the boy's father was one of the venturers who had gone with her father Aldarion. This was the first time she had heard anything of her father. She later asked her mother if it was true that Aldarion was her father, and when he would return, angering Erendis.[4]

When Ancalimë was nine years old her father returned to Númenor. Ancalimë, who had not seen him for five years, had no memory of him. It was at this reunion that Aldarion first promised to make her his heir, despite the fact that this was not possible under the current law of succession. Aldarion then rode to Armenelos to meet with the King, Tar-Meneldur, who announced he was resigning and passed the Sceptre to Aldarion. A few days later a letter from Tar-Meneldur arrived at Emerië, commanding that Erendis return to Armenelos and bring Ancalimë with her. Erendis refused to come but allowed Ancalimë to go.[4]

Ancalimë's personality was similar to her mother's due to being raised primarily by her, but she also shared many traits with her father. Like her father, she was resolute and obstinate when it came to politics. She understood Aldarion's anger towards Erendis, but also believed her mother was correct in her treatment towards him when he returned. She shared in Erendis' dislike towards men, and had a dislike for marriage, especially obligatory marriage. She had something of her mother's coldness and sense of personal injury, but she was less prim than Erendis and liked jewels, music, admiration, and deference.[1]

Little is known of her life between the year her father returned and the year she became Queen, but it is said that she spent her days in both Emerië and Armenelos and Queen Almarian took a great liking to her, while she drifted apart from Erendis, whom she found irksome.[1]

In S.A. 892, Tar-Aldarion changed the Law of Succession in Númenor, not just out of caring for his daughter but also for "reasons of private concern rather than policy" and out of his "long resolve to defeat Erendis". Under the new law the King's Heir would be the eldest child of the King or Queen regardless of gender. At just nineteen years old, Ancalimë was proclaimed the King's heir.[1]

She withdrew to the countryside, to a land near Emerië on the borders of the land of Hallatan of Hyarastorni, rejecting all the many suitors who sought her royal hand. While she was dwelling in the sheep-lands of Númenor she acquired the title Emerwen Aranel, which is Quenya for "Princess Shepherdess".[1]

Though she rejected her courting nobles, she grew close to a shepherd by the name of Mámandil. She could tell that he was beginning to fall for her, but she ignored his hinting until he openly declared his love for her. She withdrew and refused, saying that she could not marry him as she was the King's Heir. Mámandil simply laughed, and revealed that he was not a simple farmer but Hallacar son of Hallatan, of the Line of Elros. His deceit greatly angered her, and she again rejected him, stating that she did not wish to marry anybody, and especially not him.[1]

In the end, she did wed Hallacar in the year S.A. 1000, though not out of love. Several stories tell of her reasons for marrying him: in one, his persistence combined with the Council's urgings convinced her; in another, her cousin Soronto tried to argue that she could not be made Queen under the law as she was unwed, so she married him to spite him; in a third, the law that the Queen must be married had been rescinded but she was still required to have children lest Soronto have claim to the Sceptre when she died. However, it was clear that she did not wish to be married, and so their marriage was an unhappy one.[1]

Ancalimë had forbidden her serving-women to marry, but Hallacar arranged their weddings and a wedding feast at his house in Emerië in secret and invited Ancalimë. When Ancalimë arrived with her serving-women and learned the true nature of the feast, she was furious and refused to attend. It was too far for her to ride back alone, so she listened to the laughter of the feast from her chamber alone, imagining it to be mockery directed at her. Afterwards, Ancalimë hated Hallacar.[1]

She became the first Ruling Queen of Númenor in S.A. 1075. Her father died in S.A. 1098 and afterward she neglected the policies of her father and no longer provided help to Gil-Galad in Lindon.[1] In S.A. 1280 she surrendered the throne to her son Tar-Anárion. She died in S.A. 1285, at the age of 412 years.[2]


Ancalimë (pron. [aŋˈkalime]) is a Quenya name. Its meaning is not glossed, but Paul Strack suggests it means "Brightest" as a feminised form of ancalima ("brightest"),[5] which consists of the superlative or intensive prefix an- and the element calima ("bright").[6] It is possible that her parents gave her this name, because she was beautiful even from birth.[4] Like all the rulers of Númenor who took their royal names in Quenya, Ancalimë added the prefix tar- ("high") to her name when she received the Sceptre.[7]


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House of Elros
Born: S.A. 873 Died: S.A. 1285
Preceded by:
7th Ruler/1st Ruling Queen of Númenor
S.A. 1075 - 1280
Followed by:

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