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Ingold from The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game
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BirthLate Third Age
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Ingold was a soldier of Gondor during the War of the Ring.

History[edit | edit source]

At the time of the War of the Ring, Ingold was the leader of a guard of Gondorian soldiers posted at the Forannest, the northern gate of Rammas Echor, the encircling wall of Pelennor Fields. They were repairing the wall on 8 March, when Gandalf and Pippin with Ingold’s permission passed into the townlands of Minas Tirith on their journey from Rohan to the city of Gondor.[1]

Less than five days after Gandalf had passed through, an army from the East had crossed the River Anduin and broke the Rammas. Ingold’s guard was the last to escape from the host, reporting to Minas Tirith that the northward road had been taken by the enemy. Due to Ingold’s news, it was thought that the Rohirrim could not come to Gondor’s aid.[2]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Ingoldo, or Ñoldo, was the mothername of both Finarfin and his son Finrod Felagund. It became a frequently given name in Númenor; in the Third Age in Gondor, it was shortened to Ingold under influence of Westron.[3]

Portrayal in adaptations[edit | edit source]

Ingold in adaptations

2001-2007: The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game:

A Decipher card identifies one of the Gondorians of Minas Tirith in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King as Ingold.

2015: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Ingold is first met defending the northern gate of Rammas Echor where he tasks the player with slowing the enemy's advance and repelling the attacks on the wall, but eventually retreats to Minas Tirith. After the downfall of Sauron he becomes part of Gondorian army tasked with entering the Black Land and dealing with the evil that remains within. After King Elessar charges Steward Faramir with cleansing the evil of Minas Morgul, Ingold and his men traverse the plateau of Gorgoroth and enter the Morgul Vale from the east.