Isle of Balar

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Isle of Balar
Map drawn by Christopher Tolkien showing the Bay of Balar
General Information
LocationSouth-west of the Bay of Balar, on edge of Belegaer
DescriptionLarge islands, eastern tip of what was Tol Eressëa
InhabitantsEldar, Edain

The Isle of Balar was a refugee camp of the Eldar and Edain of Beleriand.

The Isle of Balar was located in the great Bay of Balar to the south of Beleriand,[1] and according to legend it was the eastern tip of Tol Eressëa which had broken off when Ulmo ferried the Eldar to Aman.[2] In the shallow waters about the island could be found great numbers of pearls.[3]

Before the Dagor Bragollach, Elves of Nargothrond, with ships built by the Falathrim, explored the Isle of Balar considering it as a safe haven in time of need.[4] Some companies of Gondolindrim had been also sent there by Turgon to build ships and send some messengers to Aman; but none of those ships ever arrived and few returned.[5]

During the Fall of the Falas some Falathrim survivors escaped the Havens on ships, with Cirdan and Gil-galad; they reached Balar where they established a safe refuge, keeping also a foothold of ships at the Mouths of Sirion. Hearing this, Turgon once more sent messengers there asking for Cirdan's help. Cirdan built seven ships to send to the West, but of them no news came to Balar; only one Elf, Voronwë, survived and ever returned to Middle-earth.[6]

The two refugee camps held close contact, and Círdan assisted Eärendil of Arvernien in building the ship Vingilot (Vingilótë), with which he sought for Valinor, to ask for the pardon of the Valar.[7]

From there many went to Lindon until the Elves were summoned to Valinor, and the Edain to the new isle of Númenor. It is unknown whether or not the Isle of Balar survived beyond the First Age.


Isle of Balar
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