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Ivárë was a famous Elven minstrel, named along with Tinfang Warble and Dairon as one of the "three most magic players of the Elves", according to the early legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.[1]

In the Gnomish Lexicon he is called a "piper of the sea",[2] possibly indicating that he was one of the Solosimpi, a group of Elves who in the later legendarium became the Teleri of Aman.[3][note 1]


The name Ivárë is Qenya, but its meaning is unclear.[4] Its Gnomish cognate is Ior.[2]

Other versions of the legendarium

In The Lay of Leithian, the three greatest Elven minstrels are mentioned again as Tinfang, Dairon and Maglor; Maglor was a later change from an earlier draft, in which he replaced Ivárë.[5]


  1. In The Book of Lost Tales another name for the Solosimpi was the "Shoreland Pipers", and, as the Teleri in the later legendarium, they were closely associated with sea and music.


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