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"Ladros" by Peter Xavier Price
General Information
LocationNorthern Beleriand, Northeast of Dorthonion
DescriptionHighland region surrounded by hills
InhabitantsHouse of Bëor until F.A. 455
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Ladros was a highland region to the northeast of Dorthonion. It was held briefly as a fief by the House of Bëor, but lost to Morgoth in the Dagor Bragollach ("Battle of Sudden Flame").


The region of Ladros seems originally to have been a fief of Finrod Felagund: at least, his brothers Angrod and Aegnor held "the northern slopes of Dorthonion".[1] Finrod later assigned this land to Boromir of the House of Bëor, whose members had long been loyal in his service. Boromir became Lord of Ladros.

Of the House of Bëor, there were three lords of Ladros — Boromir himself, his son Bregor, and Bregor's son Bregolas. In Bregolas' time, Morgoth overwhelmed Dorthonion and Ladros in the Dagor Bragollach, in which Bregolas himself was slain. His brother Barahir and twelve faithful men became outlaws in their own land, assaulting Morgoth's forces from their hidden lair at Tarn Aeluin on Ladros' southern borders. They were betrayed by Gorlim the Unhappy, (who was himself deceived by Sauron into divulging the Outlaws' whereabouts.) and all were slain but Beren, who escaped into the south.

After this time, Ladros fell under the yoke of Morgoth until it was mostly swallowed by the Great Sea at the end of the First Age, with bits of the land surviving as part of Tol Fuin.


Ladros is clearly Sindarin, but its meaning is unclear, although it might be a combination of lad ("plain") + ros ("spray, rain").[2]