Lond Daer

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Lond Daer Enedh
Lond Daer shown on Pete Fenlon's map of Middle-earth produced for Middle-earth Role Playing
General Information
LocationEriador, in Enedwaith, at the estuary of the Gwathló river
People and History
CreatedBetween S.A. 750 and S.A. 800
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Lond Daer Enedh (also spelt Ened) was a great harbour in Eriador founded by the Númenóreans.


Originally, the harbour, under the name Vinyalondë, or "New Haven", was founded by Númenor's crown prince Aldarion on the estuary of the river Gwathló, between S.A. 750 and 800.[1][2]

The Númenórean hunger for ever more wealth shifted focus to the establishment of newer havens to the south, Pelargir and Umbar. Following this, the haven was one of several major ports in Middle-earth, and was known as Lond Daer Enedh, or "Great Middle Haven", between the Grey Havens and Pelargir.[note 1] Despite this, Númenor still maintained traffic on the Gwathló as far as the city of Tharbad, and Lond Daer was expanded and fortified.[3]:p. 264

After the Downfall of Númenor, Elendil founded the realm of Arnor in the lands north of Lond Daer which was still part of the most safe and efficient route between the Realms in Exile by sea, in connection with Tharbad and the Great Road; but as Lond Daer fell into ruin,[note 2] Tharbad succeeded it in importance.[3]:p. 264


Lond Daer Enedh is Sindarin for "Great Middle Haven",[3]:264 clearly composed of lond ("haven"), daer ("great, large") and enedh ("middle").


  1. Christopher Tolkien identifies Vinyalonde with Lond Daer, the different names appearing in different texts. He considers that the new name refers to a much later time, after the building of Pelargir, so this article concentrates on the later history of the location.
  2. It is not explained why "The ancient sea-port and its great quays were ruinous", but the cataclysm of the Downfall could have been the cause.


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