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Marshes in the south

From Tolkien Gateway
Marshes in the south
General Information
LocationSouthern border of the Shire, Eriador
People and History
InhabitantsPossibly Hobbits
CreatedBefore T.A. 1601[1]

The marshes in the south were likely a collection of smaller marshes or one marsh that lay along the southern border of the Shire in the Southfarthing.[1]


The marshes in the south were likely on or near the River Brandywine. It is unknown if the marshes in the south consisted of multiple marshes or one singular marsh. Regardless, however, they were also roughly fifty leagues (150 miles) south of the northern moors.[1] It is possible that the marshes in the south were actually just the Overbourn Marshes,[2] but this is unknown.


In the year T.A. 1601 the Hobbits set out to cross the Brandywine River led by the brothers Marcho and Blanco to live in their new home of the shire. The hobbits had previously agreed with King Argeleb II on the borders of the shire, with the southern border being the marshes in the south.[1]

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