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"It always rains on washing day - Smials in South Farthing" by Kay Woollard
General Information
LocationThe Shire
RegionsGreen Hill Country
People and History

The Southfarthing was the southmost and warmest farthing of the Shire.


Its northernmost point was the Three-Farthing Stone, its eastern border was the Brandywine River, and much of its border with the Eastfarthing ran along the River Shirebourn.[1]

Other features include:


About T.A. 1630 many Stoors from Dunland entered and settled in the Southfarthing,[2] and thereafter Stoorish characteristics and appearance were common among the Hobbits in that region.

Tobold Hornblower of Longbottom first grew pipe-weed in the Southfarthing about the year T.A. 2670.[3]

Saruman, having received reports on Gandalf’s movements and noting his interest in the Shire, began keeping agents in the Southfarthing in T.A. 2953.[2] By T.A. 3018 there were rumors of trouble with the "Big People".[4]

The Southfarthing was where Lotho Sackville-Baggins began his rise to power during the War of the Ring, based on the substantial property in the region that he inherited from his father.[5] Presumably it was he who began exporting pipe-weed to Saruman.


This was the region where most of the Shire's pipe-weed production was concentrated, in warm sheltered places like Longbottom.[6] Another noted product of the Southfarthing was the strong red wine called Old Winyards.[7]

Portrayal in adaptations

In The Atlas of Middle-earth (page 71), Hardbottle is shown in the Southfarthing rather than the Northfarthing[8] and Sackville, shown in the Southfarthing, is entirely invented (compare the Sackville Family).