Three is Company

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Three is Company
Chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring
EventFrodo, Samwise, and Pippin journey through the Shire and meet Gildor.
Date23-24 September 3018
LocationThe Shire
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Three is Company is the third chapter of the first book in The Fellowship of the Ring.


Frodo prepared to leave on his fiftieth birthday, following the path that Bilbo took many years earlier. He sold Bag End to the Sackville-Bagginses. Rumour suggested that Frodo had run out of money and had to go live with relatives in Buckland. Some others insisted that Frodo was only leaving because of some dark plot perpetrated by Gandalf. In truth, Frodo planned to go to Rivendell, as he had discussed with Gandalf previously. Meanwhile, Gandalf had left, not even staying behind to say good-bye to Frodo. Pippin and Samwise were coming with Frodo, and Meriadoc was going ahead with Fatty Bolger to prepare a house at Crickhollow for them.

On the way, the band of travelers heard the sound of horses. They thought Gandalf was joining them, so they hid in order to surprise him. Instead of Gandalf, a black rider on a black horse arrived. He sniffed the air as if sensing their presence and Frodo felt a sudden urge to put his Ring on. But the rider moved on. Samwise told Frodo that this very rider had been asking questions about Frodo. The travelers became suspicious and moved on, more cautious than before.

Later, they experienced another scare when another or the same rider came to them and began to crawl towards Frodo. Luckily a group of elves were coming down the road at that time and the black rider retreated to the other side of the lane. Frodo and the others met the group of elves. After hearing Frodo's greeting in Quenya, the Lord of the Elves, Gildor Inglorion, asked the travellers to join him and his group for a night. After they reached a safe place and have their fill of food and drink, Frodo asked Gildor for news and advice. Gildor told him of the gathering darkness, the wars of men and the flight of the elves. He explained to Frodo that the Black Riders were the servants of the Enemy and that he had to be careful. He extended his friendship and that of is people to Frodo and his group. Sam was delighted, since he had always dreamed of being on an adventure with elves.