Old Winyards

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Old Winyards was a place in the Shire's Southfarthing[1], noted for its production of strong wines of the same name.

Bungo Baggins, who delved Bag End, seems to have laid down a large number of bottles of "Old Winyards". His son, Bilbo Baggins gave a present of a dozen bottles to Rorimac Brandybuck, Master of Buckland at the time he left the Shire,[2] but this still left plenty for his heir Frodo. The Old Winyards lasted another seventeen years, until the last drop was drunk by Frodo as he set out on his own adventures.[3]


The name means "the Old Vineyards".[1]

Winyard is a real-life place-name in England, and Tolkien notes that it descends from Old English before the assimilation to Romance stem vin-.[1]