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Master of Buckland was a hereditary title among the Bucklander Hobbits. As the head of the Brandybuck Family, he was also known as the Master of the Hall.[1] Like the Thain and Warden of Westmarch, the Master had only nominal authority.

It was traditional for each of the Masters to have an epithet attached to their names, such as Gorbadoc Brandybuck "Broadbelt", Saradoc Brandybuck "Scattergold", and the most famous, Meriadoc the Magnificent.


The first Master was Thain Gorhendad Oldbuck, after he left the Shire and moved to Buckland in S.R. 740.[2] The holder of the title was accepted as the leader of Buckland, and several farms in the Marish as well.[1] After the War of the Ring (Fo.A. 13), King Elessar made the Master of Buckland one of the Mayor Counsellors of the North-Kingdom.[3]

List of Masters[edit]


  1. Meriadoc's descendants do not appear in any list or family tree and their names are not mentioned anywhere. The only indication that Meriadoc had at least a son, who succeeded him, is the brief reference in Appendix B that Meriadoc and Peregrin Took "handed over their goods and offices to their sons" before leaving the Shire.


Masters of Buckland
Gorhendad Oldbuck (from S.R. 740) · unknown · Gormadoc Brandybuck (until 1236) · Madoc Brandybuck (1236 - 1277) · Marmadoc Brandybuck (1277 - 1310) · Gorbadoc Brandybuck (1310 - 1364) · Rorimac Brandybuck (1364 - 1408) · Saradoc Brandybuck (1408 - 1432) · Meriadoc Brandybuck (1432 - 1484) · unknown