Three-Farthing Stone

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Three-Farthing Stone
Stone marker
The Lord of the Rings Online - Three-Farthing Stone.jpg
Three-Farthing Stone in The Lord of the Rings Online
General Information
LocationMeeting of the borders of the East, West, and Southfarthings
TypeStone marker
DescriptionA large stone

The Three-Farthing Stone was a stone by the side of the East Road that marked the point where the borders of the Eastfarthing, Westfarthing and Southfarthing of the Shire came together.[1] It was also said to mark a point near the centre of the Shire itself.[2] The stone stood about five miles south-east from Bywater, and exactly fourteen miles west from Frogmorton.

The fourth farthing, the Northfarthing, did not meet the others at the Three-Farthing Stone.[1] Instead, its borders met those of the Westfarthing and Eastfarthing about ten miles north of the Stone, though there is no record of a second three-farthing stone to mark this spot.

In late T.A. 3019, Samwise Gamgee stood near the stone and cast the remnants of the dust of Lothlórien into the air, sharing Galadriel's gift with a Shire suffering from the effects of Sharkey and his men.

Inspirations[edit | edit source]

Tolkien may have got this idea from the Four Shire Stone.

Portrayal in adaptations[edit | edit source]

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online:

The Three-Farthing Stone is found to the south of Bywater.