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"The Pedlar of Medicines - Cottages and Cottagers near Hardbottle" by Kay Woollard
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LocationThe Shire
People and History
EventsBattle of Greenfields
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The Northfarthing was the cold northern Farthing of the Shire.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The Northfarthing is the only one of the four farthings that does not end in the Three-Farthing Stone; its southernmost point lay about eleven miles north of it[1] and along its northern border were the high North Moors.[2]

It had fresh and fragrant air; when Frodo and Sam entered Ithilien for the first time, the air of the region reminded them of the uplands of the Northfarthing.[3]

The North Moors was the only place in the Shire where heavy snow was common.[4]

Geographic features[edit | edit source]

The farthing contains Bindbole Wood, a river (perhaps the Norbourn), and the Northway Road that led to the town of Oatbarton.

Northfarthing was rocky, and settlements like Hardbottle were delved in or made from its stones.[5]

A branch of the Took Family called the North-tooks lived in a town called Long Cleeve.[6] Given the reference to the north (when most Tooks lived in the Westfarthing), Long Cleeve was probably located in the Northfarthing.

History[edit | edit source]

The only notable historic event that ever occurred in the Northfarthing was the Battle of Greenfields (T.A. 2747).[7] It was the only battle fought with the boundaries of the Shire until the Battle of Bywater.

Around the time of the War of the Ring, Halfred Gamgee moved to Northfarthing.[8]