Mering Stream

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Mering Stream
General Information
Other namesGlanhír
LocationBorder between Rohan and Gondor
DescriptionEast flowing stream, tributary of the Entwash

The Mering Stream, or Glanhír in Sindarin, was the border river between Rohan and Gondor. West of the Mering Stream lay the Eastfold, and to its east lay Anórien.


The stream rose from a cleft in a northward spur of the White Mountains, traversed the Firienholt, which grew about the mountain Halifirien, last of the Warning beacons of Gondor, then exited to the plain and joined the Entwash, where it formed impassable marshes.[1][2]:301


The line of the Stream was fortified between the marshes and the bridge of the Road.[2]:301

In later times it formed the border between Gondor and Rohan, together with the White Mountains and the Mouths of the Entwash.[2]

On March 11 3019 King Théoden's Rohirrim army crossed the stream, heading east to the defense of Minas Tirith in the War of the ring.


The name means "boundary stream". Mering represents Old English māere, mēre, "boundary".[3] Glanhír comes from Sindarin glan, "mark, boundary"[4] and sîr, "river, stream".[5]