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General Information
Other namesThe golden
DescriptionA small and possibly golden planetary body of a single perfect form

Minal-zidar was the third planet that Michael George Ramer had visited with his mind.


Minal-zidar was a small, most likely golden, planet which was further away from Ellor Eshúrizel that Michael George Ramer had visited with his mind. He described the planet to the Notion Club as being "absolutely silent and quiescent" yet also being complete, a jewel, and imperishable in Time. He then pondered that "what adoring mind" made it could not be revealed. Ramer did not look at the sky of Minal-zidar due to the beauty of the planet being reflected by light back upon him, holding his gaze in place. Nicholas Guildford reported in the Notion Club Papers that Alwin Arundel Lowdham had claimed that after the meeting, Ramer had revealed to him that he had thought that Minal-zidar meant "Poise in Heaven".[1]