Music in Tolkien's Work and Beyond

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Music in Tolkien's Work and Beyond
Publication Information
EditorJulian Eilmann and Friedhelm Schneidewind
IllustratorAnke Eißmann (cover art)
PublisherWalking Tree Publishers
Released7 October 2019
SeriesCormarë Series
Preceded byPagan Saints in Middle-earth
Followed bySub-creating Arda

Music in Tolkien's Work and Beyond is a collection of essays edited by Julian Eilmann and Friedhelm Schneidewind. It was published as No. 39 in the Cormarë Series.


  • "Introduction: 'I love music': The Musicality of the Philologist" by Julian Eilmann and Friedhelm Schneidewind
Tolkien and Music
  • "Polyphony, Collective Improvisation, and the Gift of Creation" by Chiara Bertoglio
  • "Laments and Mercy: Tolkien and Liturgical Music" by Michaël Devaux and Guglielmo Spirito
  • "Middle-earth Improv: Song Writing and Improvisation in Tolkien's Works" by Nancy Martsch
  • "'What news from the North?': The Compositional Fabric, Intricate Imagery and Heroic Christian Character of the 'Lament for Boromir'" by Łukasz Neubauer
  • "'Go forth, for it is there!' An Imperialist Battle Cry behind the Lament for Boromir?" by Jörg Fündling
The Power of Music
  • "'A Matter of Song': The Power of Music and Song in Tolkien's Legendarium" by Elizabeth A. Whittingham
  • "'The Scholar as Minstrel': Word-music and Sound-words in Tolkien's 'New Works'" by Bradford Lee Eden
  • "Tolkien's Minstrelsy: The Performance of History and Authority" by Lynn Forest-Hill
  • "Musicality in Tolkien's Prose" by Maureen F. Mann
  • "'A deep silence fell': Silence and the Presentation of 'Voices' in Tolkien" by Petra Zimmermann
Music of Different Texts and Characters
  • "Dance and Song: 'The Lay of Leithian' between 'The Tale of Tinúviel' and 'Of Beren and Lúthien'" by Renée Vink
  • "Music and the Outcast: Songs of the Wanderer in Tolkien's Time-Travel Fragments" by Jennifer Rogers
  • "Aragorn, Music and the 'Divine Plan'" by Angela P. Nicholas
  • "'Where you hear song, you may rest at ease': The Music of the Evil Ones in Middle-earth" by Sabine Frambach
Instruments in Middle-earth
  • "An Orchestra in Middle-earth" by Heidi Steimel
  • "Nis me ti hearpun hygi: Harping on One String in Middle-earth" by John Holmes
  • "The Horns of Elfland" by Allan Turner
  • "Portatives in Middle-earth: A Speculative Approach to Organ Instruments in Tolkien’s Work" by Rainer Großby
Music beyond Tolkien
  • "The Lords of the Rings: Wagner’s Ring and Tolkien’s 'Faërie'" by Anja Müller
  • "'True Music in the Words': A Comparative Analysis of the Function of Music in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles" by Patrick Schmitz
  • "Of Home Keys and Music Style Guides: Orchestral Scores for Tolkien-based Video Games" by Tobias Escher

From the publisher

"I love music" (J.R.R. Tolkien)
Music plays a crucial role in Tolkien's mythology, and his tales contain many songs as well as mentions of musicians and instruments.
The present book edited by Julian Eilmann and Friedhelm Schneidewind is the successor to the well-received 2010 volume Music in Middle-earth, No. 20 of the Cormarë Series, which drew the attention of Tolkien scholarship to the importance and nature of music in Tolkien's work. As the title of this volume suggests, Music in Tolkien's work and Beyond simultaneously follows the path of analyzing the use and significance of music and musical elements in Tolkien's literary texts while also considering the broader context, such as adaptations and other authors and composers.
The 21 articles feature a multitude of different academic approaches, e.g. musicological, philosophical or theological, which not only look at music itself but also at poetry, song and instruments and even the musicality of Tolkien’s prose. the contributions are divided into five sections: 'Tolkien and Music', 'The Power of Music', 'Music of Different Texts and Characters', 'Instruments in Middle-earth' und 'Music beyond Tolkien'.

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