Tolkien and the Classics

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Tolkien and the Classics
Publication Information
EditorRoberto Arduini, Giampaolo Canzonieri and Claudio A. Testi
IllustratorAnke Eißmann‏‎ (cover)
PublisherWalking Tree Publishers
Released7 August 2019
SeriesCormarë Series
Preceded by"Something Has Gone Crack"
Followed byLaw, Government, and Society in J.R.R. Tolkien's Works

Tolkien and the Classics is a collection of essays edited by Roberto Arduini, Giampaolo Canzonieri and Claudio A. Testi. It was published as No. 42 in the Cormarë Series.


  • Introduction by Roberto Arduini, Giampaolo Canzonieri and Claudio A. Testi
Tolkien and Authors from Antiquity
  • "Giant, Solitary, and Anarchist. The Trolls in The Hobbit and Polyphemus in the Odyssey" by Gloria Larini
  • "Renewing the Epic: Tolkien and Apollonius Rhodius" by Leonardo Mantovani
  • "To Die for Love. Female Archetypes in Tolkien and Euripides" by Gloria Larini
  • "Tolkien and Virgil, Ancient Lore and Literary Inspiration" by Lavinia Scolari
Tolkien and Authors from the Middle Ages
  • "Stories of Wonders and Wanderings: The Hobbit and The Travels of Marco Polo" by Valérie Morisi
  • "Tolkien and Aquinas" by Claudio A. Testi
  • "Tolkien and Malory: Writing a Mythology for England" by Elisa Sicuri
  • "Dante, Tolkien, and the Supreme Harmony" by Chiara Bertoglio
  • "Gawain vs. Gauvain: Tolkien and Chrétien de Troyes" by Tânia P. Azevedo
  • "The Innkeeper and the Miller: Common Folks in Chaucer and Tolkien" by Roberto Arduini
Tolkien and Authors from the Modern Period
  • "Tolkien and Sir Walter Scott: Critiques of the Chivalric/Heroic Imaginary" by Amelia A. Rutledge
  • "Tolkien and Shakespeare: Debtor Against His Will" by Luisa Paglieri
  • "Tolkien and Alfieri. Fëanor and the Characters of Alfierian Tragedy" by Sara Gianotto
  • "Tolkien and Grahame" by Cecilia Barella
  • "Tolkien and Manzoni" by Andrea Monda
  • "The Yoke of Pride and Shame: Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim and J.R.R. Tolkien's Túrin Turambar" by Melissa Ruth Arul
  • "From Neverland to Middle-earth" by Chiara Nejrotti
  • "The Hobbit and the Puppet: Two Protagonists Journeying into Opposite Directions" by Giampaolo Canzonieri
  • "Tolkien and the War Poets" by Simone Bonechi
  • "With Light Step Through the Threshold: Female characters, the Gothic, and the meditatio mortis in Tolkien and Poe" by Barbara Sanguineti
  • "William Morris and Tolkien: Some Unexpected Connections" by Tom Shippey

From the publisher

The origins of this collection, and of the whole Tolkien and the Classics project, are twofold. First, there is the ever-growing awareness of the importance of making scholars and critics realize how much J.R.R. Tolkien is, in all respects, a great literary classic, comparable to those already accepted as 'canonical'. Second, the desire to offer a publication that could be enjoyed, and made actual use of, by students and teachers of secondary schools and universities. This collection of mainly short essays, each one exploring a parallel between Tolkien and the Classics of Western literature, is divided into three sections:
— Tolkien and Authors from Antiquity (four essays)
— Tolkien and Authors from the Middle Ages (six essays)
— Tolkien and Authors from the Modern Period (eleven essays)
The present volume has its origin in the endeavours of the Study Group organised by the Associazione Italiana Studi Tolkieniani, a team of scholars who periodically decide on a common topic of research that, as a consequence, will be the subject of meetings in which each contributor presents his or her results to the others. The criticisms, comments, and suggestions provided in these meetings are then taken into account for the revisions and incorporated into the final versions of the essays.

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