Master Stone of Osgiliath

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Palantír of Osgiliath by Angus McBride

The Master Stone of Osgiliath[1] was, presumably, the greatest of the seven palantíri that the Faithful brought to Middle-earth from Númenor.[2]

It was also the only palantír that could be used to secretly listen to communications between the users of the other palantíri.[2]

The palantír was held in the Tower of the Dome in Osgiliath,[3] the ancient capital of Gondor.[4]


While most of the palantíri were small and portable, the Stone of Osgiliath was much larger, and could not be lifted by any single man.[2]

However, the greatest of the Seeing-stones was also the first to be lost. After the death of King Valacar a civil war known as the Kin-strife started between rebels led by Castamir, and forces loyal to the new King Eldacar in T.A. 1432.[5]

During this civil war in T.A. 1437,[5] the city of Osgiliath was besieged and burned by the rebels, the Tower of the Dome of Osgiliath was destroyed and the Stone was lost in the waters of the River Anduin.[3]

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