Pine of Tavrobel

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Pine of Tavrobel
Other namesPine of Belaurin[1]
LocationTavrobel (Tol Eressëa)
Notable forChasing of Melko by Telimektar and Ingil
AppearanceTall enough to reach Ilwë
GalleryImages of the Pine of Tavrobel

The Pine of Tavrobel was a great, star-reaching pine located in Tol Eressëa, according to the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.[2]


In one of the outlines for the continuation of the Lost Tales, it is said that before the Inwir left Valinor for the Great Lands to free the enslaved Gnomes, Yavanna gave them a seed to guard, for she foretold that great things should come of it - however, it was eventually forgotten and cast into the garden of Gilfanon in Tavrobel. There it grew to an incredible height, even reaching Ilwë (the part of air in which the stars are located[3]).[2]

When Melko broke free of his second imprisonment, he went to Tol Eressëa in order to sow dissension between the Gnomes and the Solosimpi, who sent for help to Valinor. However, the only aid that came from the Valar was that of Tulkas who in secret has sent his son Telimektar to Tol Eressëa to aid them.[2]

There, Telimektar, with the help of Ingil[note 1][4] son of Inwë, surprised Melko and wounded him, and chased him up the Pine of Tavrobel all the way to Ilwë. However, Melko kept attacking the Sun and the stars, and in the end caused the death of Urwendi the steerer of the Sun-vessel.[2]

Finally, the Valar decided to cut down the great Pine, which left Melko stranded out of the world until his return in the Great End.[2]

Other versions of the legendarium

In one note associated with the outline given above, Tolkien suggested that perhaps the Pine should be located somewhere other than Tol Eressëa.[5]

According to the slightly later conception of the legendarium, in which the context of the Lost Tales is shifted so that Tol Eressëa is no longer identified with (what would become) the British Isles, there is a mention of the Pine of Belawryn, whose offspring still grows in Tavrobel the Old in Luthany, after which the Tavrobel in Tol Eressëa was named after.[6]


  1. In The Cottage of Lost Play, it is said that Ingil eventually returned to Valinor, which seems to represent a different, distinct idea from the one mentioned above.