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Rûm was the name of a great and ancient city of Men in the Great Lands, according to the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.[1] It was identified with the city of Rome,[2], being mentioned by Littleheart in the tale of the Fall of Gondolin, where he described the sack of Gondolin as being even worse than many that befell Rûm, the greatest city of Men.[3]

Its inhabitants were known as the Rúmhoth, who were one of the peoples who invaded Tol Eressëa and expelled the Elves from it, not even believing they existed.[4]

In one of the Early Runic Documents, contemporary with The Book of Lost Tales, there is also a mention of the Romans as being the "slayers and faders of the fairies".[5]


The name Rûm is in Gnomish, clearly an adaptation of Latin "Roma", the name used by both Elves and Men.

The Elves alone called it Magbar.[1]

Rúmhoth, the name of its inhabitants, is composed of Rûm + hoth ("folk, people").[6]