Rockfoot Pass

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"Rockfoot Pass" is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Rockfoot Pass
General Information
DestroyedLate Second Age
EventsHarfoot migration

The Rockfoot Pass was a pass close to a forest near that lay on the migration trail to the Grove in Rhovanion. The Rockfoot Pass was invented for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power by Amazon Studios.


In the late Second Age, the Rockfoot Pass was a location that a certain Harfoot community passed by when migrating from one seasonal haven to the next, particularly from the Norfield Glen to the Grove.

During one such migration, the normal migration trail through the Rockfoot Pass became impassable, causing the main caravan of the Harfoot community to attempt to take an alternative route through a wolf-infested eerie forest. The Brandyfoot family, Poppy Proudfellow, and The Stranger follow in haste behind them. During this time, Dilly Brandyfoot stated her dislike of the eerie forest and Poppy Proudfellow pondered on what madness drove the main caravan there. To this, Elanor Brandyfoot suggested that the Rockfoot Pass must have been blocked in. The discussion was then halted by Marigold Brandyfoot, who reasoned that pulling the carts would not get any easier that night. The Stranger them mimicked her words, saying "Easier in the dark".