The Stranger

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"The Stranger" is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
The Stranger
The Rings of Power (TV series) - The Stranger.jpg
"The Stranger" in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
Biographical Information
Other namesGiant (By Poppy Proudfellow)
Big fella (By Sadoc Burrows)
The other (By the Mystics)
TitlesLord Sauron (By the Mystics)
The Istar (By the Mystics)
LocationAman, above the Straight Road, Norfield Glen, Weedbrook, Undercliffs, Grey Marshes, Trout Bend, the Braids, the Grove, East Bight, and Rhûn
LanguageQuenya and a Mannish tongue
BirthCreation of the Ainur
Timeless Halls
ParentageEru Ilúvatar
Physical Description
Hair colorGrey; brown beard
Eye colorBlue
ClothingGrey-brown cloth
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The Stranger was a mysterious Maia during the late Second Age. The Stranger was invented for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power by Amazon Studios, where he is portrayed by Daniel Weyman.[1]


When the way into Aman opened to allow Galadriel and her fellow Elves access, a mysterious meteorite left Aman at the same time carrying with it an Istar as it flew towards Middle-earth above the Straight Road. Many of the inhabitants of Middle-earth bore witness to the fiery meteor as it tore across the sky including but not limited to: High King Gil-galad, Elrond, Lord Celebrimbor, Arondir, Bronwyn, a couple of Ents, and the Harfoots.

The meteorite eventually crashed in a clearing close by to the Norfield Glen within the Rhovanion Hills. It was there where the Stranger was discovered by the two young Harfoots: Elanor Brandyfoot and Poppy Proudfellow. Elanor fell into the fiery crater and discovered that the flames in the crater were cold before moving the Stranger in a wheelbarrow to a makeshift tent. The next day, the Stranger woke up and began making markings of an unknown meaning on a fallen log. When Elanor came back, he shouted, surprised, letting loose a gust of wind, though his surprise subsided after being offered a bowl of Snails.

Later that night, the Stranger freed the Fireflies within the lanterns that the Harfoots used. He forcibly manipulated them into forming the shape of an unknown Constellation.

During the Harfoot ceremony of honoring those left behind, the Stranger found a satchel containing a drawing of the constellation. However, he carelessly set it too close above a fire. While trying to extinguish the flames, he foolishly destroyed many of the Harfoot dwellings. As a result of his presence and Elanor's involvement, the Brandyfoot cart was to be last in the caravan.

In order to atone for his errors, the Stranger offered to push the Brandyfoot cart in order to keep them from being left behind. During the migration, Elanor taught the Stranger basic language skills. He was able to fully pronounce the word "Mi-gra-tion" by the time the Harfoots passed the Weedbrook. The Stranger continued to aid the Brandyfoots while learning more and more throughout the migration. He aided them through the Undercliffs, the Grey Marshes, the Trout Bend, and the Braids of the Thistledell.

Upon reaching an eerie forest, the Stranger found himself needing to save Elanor, Poppy, and Malva Meadowgrass from three ambushing Wolves. The Stranger drove them away, but at the cost of paralyzing his right arm. However, he was able to attempt to freeze his arm into ice with a shallow pool of water, and speaking Quenya while doing so. When Elanor attempted to stop him, he lost control and knocked her back a fair distance.

Upon reaching the Grove at the end of the migration, the Stranger was asked by Sadoc Burrows to attempt to restore the orchard since it was destroyed during an eruption from Orodruin to the south. While the Stranger was able to heal the Grove, a branch of a tree very nearly crushed Dilly Brandyfoot. While he lost favor with the Harfoots, Sadoc still provided him with which direction he might find information on the constellation he sought after.

Upon reaching the Greenwood, presumably the East Bight, a group of three Mystics from deep within Rhûn, the Ascetic, the Nomad, and their leader, the Dweller. The three Mystics had tracked the Stranger from the meteorite crash site that he left behind. Immediately, they kneeled to him, proclaiming him to be Lord Sauron their master, and told him finally that the constellation which he sought after was called the Hermit's Hat and was visible only in one place far to the east of Rhûn.

While the Mystics quickly incapacitated him in order to remind him of his identity, four Harfoots led by Sadoc attacked the Mystics using a variety of tactics. However, the Ascetic murdered Sadoc, throwing a knife at his stomach. When the Stranger woke, he fell to despair, believing all that the Mystics told him. However, upon being encouraged by Elanor, he took the Dweller's staff and banished the three Mystics back from whence they came. Upon doing so, the Mystics realized who he truly was: the Istar.

After returning to the Grove, the Stranger departed alongside Elanor, to venture into Rhûn in order to find out his true name and his origin.


In Scene 35 of Alloyed, the Stranger advises Elanor Brandyfoot that "When in doubt... always follow your nose". These words are said by Gandalf in The Fellowship of the Ring.[2][3]


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