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From Tolkien Gateway
Rover with Psamathos Psamathides, by Alan Lee

Rover, later known as Roverandom, is a black-and-white dog who is the protagonist of the story Roverandom. Rover is turned into a small toy dog by the wizard Artaxerxes for biting the wizard's trousers and the story follows Rover's adventures on his journey to become a normal dog again.[1]:1 ff The story was written to console Michael Tolkien after leaving his toy dog on a beach in Filey.[2]:146

Other Rovers

Rover, the moon-dog, is the Man-in-the-Moon's flying dog. As a result of the moon-dog being bearing the same name, Rover is named "Roverandom".[1]:26

Rover, the mer-dog, is owned by the Mer-king's daughter (Mrs Artaxerxes) and goes on adventures around the Deep Blue Sea with Rover.[1]:63