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"Sambrog" is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
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DeathT.A. 3018
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Sambrog is the Wight-lord of Othrongroth in the Barrow-downs who was defeated by the player character and Tom Bombadil. Sambrog was invented by Standing Stone Games for The Lord of the Rings Online.

History[edit | edit source]

During the player character's pursuit of the Witch-king within Othrongroth, they ended up entering a vast throne room with Sambrog the Wight-lord sitting on a great throne. Sambrog greets and bids the player character to approach. Upon announcing that the Witch-king sends his regards, Sambrog grants the player character an audience to provide the information about the intentions of the Witch-king, but he also reveals that he believes that the player would not leave Othrongroth alive to spoil anything.

Sambrog reveals a great deal to the player cryptically, saying that while his Master seeks a power for Sauron, other plans are at play: the Pale Dwarf would build an army in the name of Angmar as the gaunt one was sent to Agamaur in the east in order to awaken a Power sleeping within the waters.

With that said, Sambrog ends his audience with the player character, announcing that death waits for them and that he cannot be defeated.

During the fight, Sambrog summons Fell-spirits, who move to heal him.

Eventually, Tom Bombadil shows up and sings a song which kills Sambrog. Afterwards, Bombadil cleanses Othrongroth before taking the player character out of the Great Barrow.[1]


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