Sauron's Road

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Sauron's Road[1] was a road from the western gate of Barad-dûr to a door in the eastern side of Mount Doom.


The road ran from the huge western gate of Barad-dûr over a vast iron bridge that spanned a deep abyss, west over the plain of Gorgoroth for a league between two smoking chasms and on a long sloping causeway that led up on the eastern side of Mount Doom. It then turned and encircled the mountain from its southern side, over its western and northern side back to a dark door, the door of the Sammath Naur, in the eastern side of the mountain high up on the cone, but still far from the summit of the mountain.[2]

Sauron's Road was broad and paved with beaten ash and broken rubble. It was often blocked or destroyed by the tumults of the mountain, but was cleared and repaired by large teams of Orcs. On the inside of the door in the mountain's side a long cave or tunnel led into the mountain's smoking cone. After a short distance the floor and the walls were cut by a great fissure, the Crack of Doom in the Sammath Naur.[2]


On 25 March T.A. 3019 Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee[3] reached the northern side of Mount Doom, Sam carried Frodo on his back up its slope until he reached the road and then along the road to the door in the eastern side of the mountain.[2] After the destruction of The One Ring they went on the road down the mountain until they could go no further.[4]