Spring of Arda

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Spring of Arda
Event Information
DateV.Y. 1900 - 3450
Part ofDays before days
ParticipantsValar, Maiar
DescriptionTime period in which Arda first became inhabited by natural life

The Spring of Arda was a significant period of peace and flourishing in Arda during the Days before days. It started with the construction of the Two Lamps after the First War between the Valar ended, and the subsequent first flourishment of Yavanna's seeds.[1]


When the Enemy fled into the Outer Darkness and Arda was repaired, ordered, and completed, the Valar raised the Two Lamps, Illuin and Ormal, in V.Y. 1900. Arda became filled with trees and herbs, beast and birds, and all the lands were green. In the midmost of Arda was located the Isle of Almaren upon the Great Lake where all things were richest in growth and fairest in hue due to the blending of the light of the Two Lamps, and there the Valar made their first abode and rested after their many labours. Yet Melkor still lurked beyond the Walls of Night.

Manwë ordained a great feast in V.Y. 3400 at which Tulkas wed Nessa. After Melkor learned that the Valar lacked their vigilance from his spies at Almaren, he passed into the north of Middle-earth, raising the Iron Mountains and starting to delve his vast fortress Utumno from which living things were perverted and blighted.

Breakable by Lída Holubová

And when Tulkas fell asleep after the feast, Melkor came forth in war and threw down the Lamps of the Valar in V.Y. 3450, breaking the lands, roiling the seas, and thus ending the Spring of Arda. In their efforts to calm the raging storms and preserve what they may of their creations, the Valar were unable to properly chase and defeat Melkor who retreated to Utumno.

The Spring of Arda was marred as living things became sick, or rotted, or corrupted into monstrous forms. The destruction of the Lamps brought darkness to Middle-earth for several ages, a period known as the Sleep of Yavanna. After witnessing the destruction that their powers might cause, the Valar were ever after cautious, fearing for the safety of the Children of Ilúvatar, who had not yet come into the world.[1][2]

There were formed three separate continents: Middle-earth at the centre, Land of the Sun in the far East, and Aman in the far west where the Valar moved and built their second kingdom, Valinor. There Yavanna grew the Two Trees, Telperion and Laurelin, at the hilltop of Ezellohar, and they gave light to the West, and the count of time at last began. However, Valinor was defenced by an impenetrable wall of the Pelóri and thus the blessed light of the Trees never reached Middle-earth that became entirely dominated by Melkor.

Of all the Valar, only Yavanna, who healed the wounds made to the nature by Melkor, and Oromë, who tirelessly hunted down the Enemy's monstrosities, visited Middle-earth at the occasion.[2]

Other versions of the legendarium

In J.R.R. Tolkien's latest writings in which Arda was a round world from its beginning, the Sun and Moon (and the Two Trees for a time) had always given light to Arda, and the Two Lamps never truly existed.[3]

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