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General Information
LocationNorthern White Mountains
DescriptionLarge mountain, jagged snow-clad peak

The Starkhorn was one of the largest of the White Mountains. It was a snow-clad peak that rose in the inner regions of the mountain range. From its feet sprang the Snowbourn, whose widening valley ran northwards through the mountains to emerge onto the plains of Rohan. The Rohirrim called that valley Harrowdale, and built their courts of Edoras at its mouth, from where the lonely white peak of the Starkhorn could be seen along the straight length of the valley. On a cliff above the valley they found the refuge of Dunharrow which had been built by Pre-Númenórean Men of the White Mountains.[1]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

It means "horn standing up stiff like a spike" and represents Rohanese.[2]

As Tolkien notes, to an English reader stark now has implications of nakedness and grimness, not originally present in the word.[2]