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Anyone else think the Quest of Erebor should probably have its own page (as opposed to the Unfinished Tales chapter), particularly since the Quest of the Ring also has one? Unsigned comment by BalrogTrainer (talk • contribs).

Quest of Erebor in The Hobbit film Trilogy[edit source]

According to the film, the entire purpose of this Quest was to reclain the Arkenstone, because, according to the movie always possessing the Arkenstone would give Thorin the authority to unite all the Dwarven clans to march on the Erebor, and reclaim it from the Dragon Smaug.I think this is something that should be put on that page (Quest of Erebor)for this reason (that possesing the Arkenstone would give etc). That is why i suggest this edits to be put there.Do you understand? Unsigned comment by (talk).

What do you say about my editings on page Quest for Erebor? - 06:48 25 April 2019