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The Tale-fire was a magic fire located in the Room of Logs within the Cottage of Lost Play, according to the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.

There was singing and music around the fire, and the speaking of poetry concerning days of old.[1]


The Tale-fire burned in the Room of Logs throughout the year, on account of its being magic, and it was said to aid in the telling of tales. The guests of the Cottage would gather around it in the evenings to hear stories told, as was the custom. It was beside this fire that Eriol learned many tales of the Elder Days.[2] After Eriol heared the Tale of Turambar, it was asked that Littleheart tell the tales of Tuor and Eärendel, but he answered that in order to tell those stories, the folk had to be reunited seven times around the Tale-fire, for it was a long and twined tale. Therefore, Meril-i-Turinqi was summoned and three days later a festival was held in the Cottage, with a great host around the fire.[3]

Other names

"Tale-fire" was Tȏn a Gwedrin in Gnomish,[4] and Tana Qentima in Qenya.[5]

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