The Departure of Boromir

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This article is about the book chapter in The Two Towers. For the lament for Boromir, see Departure of Boromir.
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The Departure of Boromir
Chapter of The Two Towers
EventAragorn, Legolas, and Gimli discover that Boromir has died; they send him down the River Anduin.
Date26 February 3019
LocationAmon Hen
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The Departure of Boromir is the first chapter of the first book in The Two Towers.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The camp having been attacked by Uruk-hai in The Fellowship of the Ring, Aragorn found Boromir mortally wounded. Before Boromir died, he told Aragorn that the Orcs had carried off the other Hobbits. The remaining members of the party (Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli) searched through the bodies of dead Orcs and found many weapons, as well as the blades of Merry and Pippin. Because they did not have time to bury him or build a cairn, they put Boromir's body on a raft and set it out to sail, while Legolas and Aragorn sang a beautiful lament for Boromir, taking the voices of three of the winds.

Aragorn told Gimli and Legolas that he thought Frodo and Sam had gone alone to Mordor and that they themselves should follow the Orcs and not Frodo. So saying, these adventurers continued on their journey, travelling in search of their missing companions.

Composition[edit | edit source]

The chapter was probably written at the end of 1941 and the start of 1942.[1]