The Evenstar (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers scene)

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The Evenstar
Scene from
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers - Aragorn and Arwen.jpg
Scene number24 (theatrical)
33 (extended)
Duration 04:29 (theatrical)
05:06 (extended)
Event The backstory of Aragorn and Arwen is told
Characters Aragorn, Arwen
Elrond, Éowyn
One of the Dúnedain
The Wolves of Isengard

The Evenstar is the twenty-fourth scene of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and the thirty-third scene of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (extended edition). This scene was extended in the latter edition.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

At night during the journey from Edoras to Helm's Deep, Aragorn sits smoking his pipe, deep in thought. The scene transitions to a flashback of Aragorn lying down in Rivendell. Arwen bends down to kiss him. He tells her "You told me once that this day would come." In response, she tells him that his path is to go with Frodo. As they stand together, he expresses his uncertainty. She touches the evenstar hanging around his neck, and comforts him in his doubt.

Ae ú-esteliach nad... estelio han. Estelio ammen.
(If you trust nothing else... trust this. Trust us.)
Arwen to Aragorn

Aragorn takes her hand and they kiss each other.

The flashback ends and Aragorn is walking through Rohan with Éowyn, the evenstar hanging around his neck. Éowyn asks him of the woman who gave him the jewel.

Aragorn recalls speaking with Elrond before setting out from Rivendell with the Fellowship of the Ring. Elrond beseeches him to let Arwen go to Valinor where her love for him will endure forever. Aragorn points out that it will only be a memory there. Elrond sternly tells Aragorn that he will not let his daughter die. Aragorn takes leave of Elrond and prepares to join the Fellowship. Arwen emerges from a side path and asks why he is trying to leave unnoticed. He tells her that he will not be coming back.

Idhren emmen menna gui ethwel. Hae o auth...a nîr...a naeth.
(You have a chance for another life. Away from war...grief...despair.)

I am mortal. You are Elf-kind.
Aragorn to Arwen

He tells her their love was nothing more than a dream and tries to return the evenstar to her. She says she does not believe him and staunchly bids him keep the jewel, saying that it was a gift.

The flashback ends and Éowyn breaks Aragorn away from his memory. He answers her earlier question by telling her that the woman who gave him the jewel is sailing to Valinor with her kin.