Twilit Isles

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The Twilit Isles were located west of Tol Eressëa according to the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.

History[edit | edit source]

These islands already "floated" in the West before the falling of the Two Lamps, and were located in the Shadowy Seas, later being considered the first of the Outer Lands (the lands of the Valar) when travelling westwards.[1] They were also the first place from where a faint light of Silpion could be seen in the distance.[2]:125 When Tol Eressëa was established, the Twilit Isles were far dim in the West, whereas the Magic Isles were east of it.[2]:121 Later, some birds from Yavanna's gardens came to the seas and Ossë showed them dwellings in these Isles.[2]:123 In later days, the Tower of Pearl was built upon the most western isle of the archipelago.[2]:125

Other names[edit | edit source]

In Qenya, they were known as Tolli Kimpelear.[3]

Other versions of the legendarium[edit | edit source]

Christopher Tolkien comments on the possibility that the Enchanted Isles mentioned in The Silmarillion were also inspired by the Twilit Isles, as well as the Magic Isles.[4]