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The Lord of the Rings Online - Upbourn.jpg
Upbourn in The Lord of the Rings Online
General Information
Other namesUpburnan
LocationHarrowdale (Rohan)
DescriptionA small hamlet on the banks of the Snowbourn river
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Upbourn was a hamlet located in Rohan, south of Edoras on the banks of the Snowbourn in the valley of Harrowdale.[1]


The name is a modernisation of the Old English Upburnan as would represent Rohanese.[2]

It derives from the fact that the hamlet was some way "up" the river Snowbourn.[2]

As Tolkien noted, up- is used in English place-names for river-side villages (as Upavon in Wiltshire), especially in contrast to larger places near its mouth (as Upwey above Weymouth).[2]

Portrayals in Adaptations[edit]

2013: The Lord of the Rings Online

Upbourn is a small village located just north of Underharrow and ruled by Dúnhere, the Lord of Harrowdale. Unusually for the game, it features neither vendor nor Quest-giver NPCs and aside from a brief visit by the player plays no role in the storyline.