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Underharrow in The Lord of the Rings Online
General Information
LocationHarrowdale, Rohan
DescriptionA small hamlet on the banks of the Snowbourn river
People and History
GalleryImages of Underharrow

Underharrow was a hamlet on the banks of the Snowbourn river beneath the cliff of Dunharrow[1] in the valley of Harrowdale in Rohan. Located south of Edoras, it was a mile upriver from the hamlet Upbourn.[1] As the great host of the Rohirrim passed through the town during the War of the Ring, many women were standing sadly outside their homes. They knew that many of their husbands, fathers, and sons would never return from the battle that was soon at hand.[2]


The name means "under-fane" and refers to the hamlet being in the valley below the Dunharrow.[3]

Portrayals in Adaptations

2013: The Lord of the Rings Online

Underharrow is a small town which is the seat of Dúnhere, Lord of the Harrowdale. In his absence at the Fords of Isen, it is ruled by his wife Ellen Fremedon, whom the players assists with preparation for allowing Edoras refugees to pass to Dunharrow.